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Welcome to Grailed RPG. Grailed is a Fate/Grand Order based roleplay group that also accepts characters from any and all other works in the Fate franchise. That being said, our group's storyline takes place in Chaldea, with characters unraveling singularities as the world progresses forward. The group was initially opened in June 2018 on Tumblr and has since moved to forums. Our group focuses on quantity over quality, meaning we do not have a specified word-count. Even still, one-liners and semi-para will not suffice. Replies need to be reply-able, giving your partner(s) enough to branch off and create a story out of. Singularities will be a monthly occurrence with required activity. This group is not 18+, but be warned the themes of fate are dark and to be treaded carefully. If you have any questions, or are interested in joining our group, please check out our 'required reading'!

Fate/Nasuverse Based Group
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